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Paul is an Italian self-made Deejay, Guitar Player, Music Producer and Author. He raised up listening to lots of music of any kind, from Dance to Rock, from the Classic to the most Eclectic. He started producing his songs in 2001 and started deejaying in the biggest clubs in Italy and Europe. His productions were noticed by Do Not Records in 2012 and Paul decided to invest all his music in this label.

In the last years he realized for Warner Music Italy the Official Remixes of Nek and Alessio Bernabei. 

In 2016 his project "La Fenice" written with his friend and Radio Speaker Francesco De Angelis and with the collaboration of Roberto Pedicini (one of the beautiful Italian Voices of Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey...), realized to donate all the incomes to the Young Area of Cancer Research Instute of Aviano (PN), was used as the Soundtrack of the movie "ON Air - Storia di un Successo" in all the Italian Theatre and Televisions. Nowadays Paul is making new music with a lot of modern influences.

Paul is in love with motors. He has the passion for Harley Davidsons and for all the American muscle cars, but not only. He goes crazy for every kind of vehicle in the world. In regard he is also the official Deejay for Harley Davidson of the Friuli Chapter Italy.

He is open minded to collaborate with every musician in world for his music productions, so if you feel confident to do it, feel free to contact him in this website. You can submit your demo and promos to be played worldwide in his "Burnout Radioshow" in FM Radios and into his live sets

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